Kaplan Barrels and Rags | Focused on Reusable Products
Kaplan Barrels has been in business for over a century serving Central Pennsylvania with their barrel, rags, and wiping cloth needs.
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Focused on Reusable Products

Focused on Reusable Products

In todays environmentally conscious world it is important to find new ways to reuse items where it makes sense. At Kaplan Barrels many of our products are reconditioned, and cleaned for re-use. We buy many of our products from suppliers when they have finished their product life cycle, clean them up, and certify them for DOT use (or ensure that they are safe for food storage). If you tour our warehouse you’ll notice that many of our barrels still have the tags indicating where the product came from and what it was used for.

Asides from barrels, many of our wiping products are made from recycled materials. Our polo wiping cloths at one time were polo shirts, or were scrap materials from the manufacturing of shirts. These recycled cloths are perfect for cleanup and polishing.

We encourage you to come tour the Kaplan Barrels warehouse to see other ways in which we are environmentally conscious.

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